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Karyukai: The Flower and the Willow World

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Here's a great game for those of us who got to enjoy the heyday of 90's PC gaming, when point and click style adventure games were king. Straight from the talented perverts at Horny Gamer, Karyukai: The Flower and the Willow World has you playing the role of a sexy young American girl who is a student at college and decides to see the world, going into the study abroad program which sends her off to Japan. While she's down in Japan, she'll end up learning all sorts of secrets of Oriental pleasure. She'll definitely get ample chances to practice her skills with it while she's still overseas in Japan... and with any luck, she'll become a total pro with it and bring her skills back home with her, which will almost certainly make her irresistible to all of the guys. Horny Gamer was even nice enough to include language options for English, French, and German for this game, so be sure to check this one out regardless of what your native tongue is. Highly recommended if you love porno and miss the fun of playing point and click adventure PC games.



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