Hardcore Banging

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Hardcore Banging, as the title probably already implied to you, is another one of those XXX games that doesn't dangle the steamy stuff in front of you like a carrot, forcing you to play your way through boring story stuff or whatever before you get to the real fun. Nope, Hardcore Banging wastes no time and starts out right where you'd want it to - with a gorgeous brunette hentai hottie with her legs spread wide open, taking a big hard cock deep inside of her tight and eager hole. The action moves along automatically, not requiring any manual input, which is nice because it leaves your hands free for well, you know. That's not to say this game doesn't have options - you can change between several different views of the action, zoom in, as well as being able to get internal cutaway style views enabling you to see the cock as it moves in and out of her cunt.



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